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A Boat As A Sacrifice

December 6th, Komiza, for the centuries embraced by the sea, with a humble prayer on lips and in heart, on its own way celebrates the feastday of its patron saint, St.Nicholas, The Traveller, here, also St. Mikula, named in the local dialect that is slowly fading away, changing... in this world where change is the only constant.

…On a hill, by the centuries old stone walls of a fortified church, dedicated to this saint, a wooden boat is burning. Smoke from a sacrifice rising high... the soul of the boat connected with heavenly protector of all the seamen, sailors, fishermen, travellers... as an oath, as a plea...

In the city, festivities begin 3-4 days earlier, with varied programs, shows, exhibitions, regatta (SingleSailing)…

Give yourself the rich experience of being here on this day.

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