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JABUKA, 43°06’ N, 15°28' E, volcanic island 27 NM of Komiza, in direction WNW. Protected by the law since the year 1958.

Jabuka with its specific shape and dimensions does not respond to the imagine of the island we are used to at; a pyramidal rock, 96 m high, bristles as some menacing pike, emerged out of the sea in the distant times of Earth’s creation, after some submarine eruption (of a volcano). Hot lava from the earth’s womb stiffed in a dark rock rich in minerals, especially the one of ferric oxide, magnetite (Fe3O4) that because of its structure acts as a natural magnet, making compasses almost useless.

Sea, sky and Jabuka in between, inaccessible and “pure” . Though, it is not completely alone – this island is inhabited with its own endemic species – black lizard of Jabuka, a sort of endemic knapweed a plant with flowers blue as the sky, a Centaurea plant…Some 60 years ago here was blooming endemic carnation; the legend says that it was grown here and watered by sea nymphs…

Jabuka was frequently visited by the bravest of fishermen, from the times of rowing boats who had enough strength and courage needed to face depths and winds of Jabuka, sudden tempests without shelter or mercy.

A tour to this island in the open sea is possible in two variants:
  • One-day trip with morning departure and arrival in evening hours, on the same day.
    Price: 450,00 kn
  • Two-day excursion, visiting volcanic Brusnik and the island of Svetac with a little fishing – just for the pleasure, overnight on the ship.
    Price: 950,00 kn
Departure in the morning and return is next day, the evening hours.
A "blue corridor", where biodiversity is particularly high, has been identified. This corridor comprises the islands of Svetac, Brusnik and Biševo with northwestern and southeastern parts of Vis, the southeastern part of Lastovo, with surrounding islands, the western and eastern parts of Mljet, including important fishing areas around Sušac, Jabuka pit and Palagruža archipelago. Let us not endanger the flora and fauna, in order to preserve the biodiversity values of this "blue corridor".
let the blue stay blue
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