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Eleonora’s Falcon (Falco Eleonorae)
From spring until late fall, in the azure heights of the sky, it is possible to admire this bird of prey while gliding magnificently in the air streams, when suddenly, in incredible speed (to 240 km/h) it dives towards its prey with such breathtaking, astonishing skill.
This rare and protected bird nests in colonies on inaccessible cliffs isolated islands in the Adriatic and Mediterranean, and on the Canary Islands, as well. They winter on Madagascar, while in April they are back in their old nests to start breeding in late summer.
The hutching begins in early autumn; the nestlings are being fed at the time of the main bird migrations from Europe to Africa (on the island of St Andrew noticed up to sixty various bird species). This is when the diet of both adults and nestlings is made up almost exclusively of small birds, being a source of energy needed for Eleonoras’ long journey to Madagascar.

This beautiful bird is named after Eleonora d'Arborea (1350 - 1404) the Sardinian heroine, who fought for independence from Aragon and made laws protecting nesting birds of prey.

author of photography: Graham Catley, www.nyctea.co.uk
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