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Is it needed to add more to the words of a poet, a bohemian and adventurer of a soul, who inspired and enchanted by its uniqueness, enjoyed visiting this island?

And not only him; a journalist and explorer Franjo Fuis, and painters Ignjat Yob, Gjuro Tiljak, Mirko Kujacich, as well… Maybe, just you are going to spend a night in a room where lines for a new verse, a painting or an article, inspired by the people and landscapes of this awesome and unique world, were born.

Their fascination by this island happened in the 30ties of the past century, in the time when the island itself was livelier and more cultivated.
Today, inspite the nature and her constant spreading the woods of Aleppo pine and Mediterranean oak, and bushes, there are still those in love with this land, who do not give up, strongly linked to once-upon-a-time-tradition.
They carry that love/loyalty/fascination – whatever, in their eyes, touch and in every precious moment they give as a gift to this piece of land, and just thanks to them happens, here, the alchemy of soul that sun turns into wine.

If you decide to visit St Andrew in a time of grape picking – jematva – prepare yourselves for an experience that will occupy, amuse and fill you with a sense of a deep respect toward these island-tradition-keepers.

With late autumn- and winter-rains, followed, so often, by strong southern winds this island quietens in stillness, left to its own, until the beginning of February, when, again, his people, his Zankis, are back…and who belongs to whom: the island to them or they to the island – it is so hard to distinguish.

Spring, with longer and milder days, offers possibilities for long exploring-hikes and trekking.

In mild mornings or soft, late afternoons, when daily summer heat weakens, go down to the sea, and enjoy in its crystalline freshness…and you, more courageous ones – dive in its depths that open their beauty so rarely.

But if you are a bird lover, than take your equipment, and guided, silently, from a respectful distance, admire a bird, a queen-bird of this island, with a beautiful name, Eleonora’s Falcon or, in Italian, Falco della regina, meaning the queen’s falcon…but there are also various bird species, on this island, especially during the migration period.

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